3 Reasons Why Golfing In Thailand Is A Superior Experience

For decades, Thailand has been known to be a backpackers' destination. Idyllic beaches, year round tropical climates, and the low cost of living has attracted vacationers looking for an affordable holiday. More recently, Thailand's reputation is expanding into one that attracts serious golfers, as well. And the golfing landscape is developing rapidly, as Thailand currently boasts over 280 golf clubs. Thailand prides itself in three main factors that set their golfing experience apart from the rest of the world:

1. Golf Course Variety

Pirapon Nimatra, leading golf course designer and builder, has designed and redesigned numerous Thailand golf courses and is well known for beautiful and challenging terrains. Variety from course to course includes the opportunity to play older, classic courses or modern looking courses with newly styled bunkers and immaculately maintained grasses.

In addition, golfers around the globe come to Thailand to experience golf course variety unlike anything offered by American or European courses. Seasoned golfers understand that American and European golf courses are typically constructed with grasses that thrive in cool seasons, which influence putts differently. Thailand golf courses are constructed with warm season grasses, which are typically grainier and grow faster. The varied grass adds an additional dimension to the golf game, as the direction of the grass growth must be considered as well as the sloping. The rich variety provides a challenging experience for discerning golfers around the world that keeps them coming back for Thailand golf holidays.

2. Superior Caddies

Caddies in Thailand are trained differently than in most other countries and are known to be friendlier and more experienced. Caddies who are trained in Thailand are expected to know the golf course in detail and have the ability to know the yardages and assist with reading the lines. When golfers are not accustomed to the heat in Thailand, caddies are eager to keep their golfers cool and will even carry umbrellas or hold fans to ease the heat.

And when you pull up to the golf club, don't be surprised when you are greeted by a group of women- the majority of Thailand caddies are female.

3. Affordability

Considering the exceptionally high quality of the golf courses and resorts in Thailand, green fees are priced below many competing destinations. Thailand is difficult to beat when it comes to value for playing award winning golf courses, not just within Asia, but around the world. Although green fees have risen recently, the cost, which typically ranges from $100 to $200 USD, is still lower than other five star courses around the world. Golfers may expect a Thailand golf package to include many upscale amenities with an emphasis on service and hospitality.

Thailand golf holidays can be tailored to a golfer's individual needs. If not everyone in the golfer's party plays golf, packages can include additional amenities for additional guests to enjoy. Thailand golf package prices are all inclusive, so there are never surprise fees.

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When seeking a new and exciting golfing experience, consider booking a Thailand golf package. Whether traveling with your golfing friends or with your family, Thailand offers a tropical climate, exceedingly friendly people, and numerous sight seeing opportunity both on and off the award winning golf courses.

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